QR Buzz decides my meal Part I

by Khunsha Javed


As being a daily food blogger it’s important for you to keep coming up with ideas and keep making content. Without ideas you won’t come up with any good content that will keep your followers intact. And especially with covid and these lockdowns going on, there isn’t much you can give. So I was bored and just setting up my home screen with those widget smiths and I saw my QR Buzz app. That’s when I quickly got an idea that why don’t I let QR Buzz decide my meals for a whole week. 

How this works: QR Buzz picks my meal

So for this game or series what i actually did was that i opened my QR Buzz app and the list of restaurants that were shown on my app, i wrote them down on small chits. And then I folded those mini paper chits and put them in a bowl. Once it was all mixed up and shuffled, I took out one chit and opened it. Whatever restaurant or cafe that was on the chit, I ate from there. 

Cafe Kahani

For my first chit, Cafe Kahani was what I got. To make things more exciting I called up a few friends to join me. Cafe kahani is located in johar town the address exactly being=  889, R1 Khayaban-e-Firdousi, Block R1 Block R 1 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000, Pakistan.  I got ready and went there. Calm and soothing music was playing there, giving out positive and drama free energy. Which was a plus point because obviously we don’t want to be in a place where there is so much noise, just like how most of the family restaurants in pakistan are. Cafe kahani gave free wifi service in the restaurant and that made it easy since I was able to upload stories on my insta blog account. 

The food: THE LOVELY QR Buzz meal

Whether you order your food or a chai or a margarita you’ll be served in a satisfying way. We ordered a sandwich and burger meal. I’m not a chai fan so I ordered a blue mint Margarita which came in such a cute serving, while others ordered chais and kheer and cokes etc. It has pure style food but feels executive. 

Once everyone was here we all ordered more. We ordered the burgerizza that might sound a bit weird and off but trust me it tastes so good!! It was a combination of burger and pizza. It had an open bun burger which tasted and looked like a pizza from top. Then we went with their cheesy fries which were absolutely mouthwatering. Then came the best dish which was the cocktail steak. 

The cocktail steak was chicken breast sliced into sleek slices marinated into the best herbs and spices. The steak was toppe do top of a bed of pasta and mashed potatoes which made it worth it and unique from all other steaks. Along with that came french fries and sauteed vegetables and unique yummy sauces. This steak is a proper 10/10. 

Honest reviews on my QR Buzz meal

The service, tea and the behaviour of staff and owners was great. They are friendly and they know customer service stuff. The only problem there is, the parking issue and especially now that they are serving in cars. But the food was good and we ordered munching snacks, which were also mouth watering. So the overall food experience went well and it was a good 9/10.

Other facilities 

For all those who are health conscious, do not worry, because Cafe Kahani is also providing car dine-in with a spacious parking area so that all of us can have a great experience, possibly closest to dine in experience.

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QR Buzz decides my meal Part 2 is underway.


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