CupShup Review 2021

by Khunsha Javed

As you know that these past two or three days the weather has been nice and bearable, so all of us finally decided to go out to get some tea/ coffee and maybe some snacks.  We were just searching for good chai places in Lahore and many chai places were shown, however when CupShup popped up, it somehow gained my interest. 

Before going to any cafe or restaurant I like to check its reviews and that can be checked either through insta or facebook etc. When I opened their insta page I was really impressed because it had a lot of followers. Then further there were so many people who had visited CupShup and given such great reviews about the good service, cooperative staff, delicious food and refreshing environment etc. Plus checking the reviews or their social media profile can really tell you what to order and what not to order. When I opened their instagram account I was really impressed by their menu, to be honest by the cafe’s name it sounded to me as if it would be like a normal dhaba like karak khel etc. However, the menu had been recently updated due to covid, with the new timings and dishes. 

The menu consisted of appetizers, fries, salads, soups, burgers, pasta, sandwiches, roulades, chicken steaks, pizzas, paratha roll, desserts, ice cream. Then came the drinks menu. The drinks menu had shakes, mocktails, lagoon, frappe, iced tea and normal cold drinks.

The Plan and Type of Gathering

You can tell by just looking at the menu that there are going to be a lot of things to decide from and all the picky eaters can also find something to eat from the vast food options. After we had looked at the menu we decided to try Cupshup out asap! So all five of us went there. Cupshup is located in Johar Town, Lahore. 

When we went there they had an outdoor dine-in setup. It felt like ages since we actually went and sat inside a cafe/restaurant and ate, due to all these lockdowns, etc. They had their sitting arrangement outdoors where they had a cute setup. They had made it a little creative with flowers and fairy lights etc. And the best thing was that they had a good cooling system outside with water coolers and it was hygienic and clean, however still a little overcrowded in my opinion. So that’s why I will rate the environment/atmosphere of the restaurant 7/10.  

Then comes in the food and the service. They have a splendid menu with a lot of variety. They literally have everything in one place.

The options

The appetizers consisted of:

  1. Spicy stuffed chillies
  2. Potato cheese balls
  3. Crispy chicken 
  4. Honey chilli wings
  5. Bbq- ranch chicken wings
  6. Fish and chips

The fries menu had:

  1. Plain fries
  2. Masala fries
  3. Cheese fries
  4. Loaded fries
  5. Bbq loaded fries

The salads had:

  1. Potato salad
  2. Tex mex salad
  3. Chicken pineapple salad

Soups had:

  1. Chicken corn soup
  2. Hot n sour soup

Burgers menu had chicken and beef burgers:

  1. Bbq chicken burger
  2. Thunder grilled burger
  3. Tex mex crispy burger
  4. Jalapeno cheese burger
  5. Cupshup special beef burger
  6. Smokey beef burger
  7. Black pepper burger

(all burgers are served with fries)

The pasta had:

  1. Vegetable pasta
  2. Cupshup special pasta (red sauce)
  3. Creamy cheese pasta(white sauce)
  4. Alfredo pasta

Sandwiches had:

  1. Cupshup special sandwich
  2. Tikka sandwich
  3. Fillet cheese sandwich
  4. Panini sandwich
  5. Tango sandwich

(all sandwiches are served with fries)

Roulades had:

  1. Polo chicken 
  2. Chicken Alakive

Chicken steaks had:

  1. Tarragon steak
  2. Jalapeno steak
  3. Balck pepper steak
  4. Mexiacan steak

Pizzas had:

  1. Chicken fajita
  2. Super supreme 
  3. Malai boti pizza
  4. Chicken kebab pizza

(the pizzas are 6inches, 9inches, 14inches, which means small, medium and large)

Paratha roll had:

  1. Tikka paratha roll
  2. Cheese paratha roll
  3. Chef special paratha roll

The drinks part was interesting because we had a lot of options.

So from the menu, we ordered Creamy cheese pasta(white sauce), Spicy stuffed chilies, Potato cheese balls, Honey chili wings, and a Panini sandwich. The food came hot and fresh, the aroma was so pleasing it had us drooling!! I can not explain how good the appetizers were. The stuffed chilies were literally like Nandos peri bites, both delicious and potato cheese balls were soft creamy potatoes covered with crisp and cheesy cheese filling. The honey chili wings were also really nice, spicy, and sweet. Panini sandwiches however were average, not bad but average. The pasta was good as well because normally cafes have no chicken in the pasta but here I was satisfied with the serving. So I would overall rate my food experience a 9/10.

The shakes menu had:

  1. Coffee
  2. Caramel 
  3. Chocolate 
  4. Strawberry
  5. Vanilla
  6. Oreo
  7. Peanut butter 
  8. Cupshup special
  9. Snickers 
  10. Kitkat 
  11. Bounty shake

Mocktails menu had:

  1. Apple mint cooler
  2. Lemon mint mojito
  3. Guava mint 
  4. Apple lemonade 
  5. Pina colada 
  6. Blueberry fantasy 

Lagoon menu had:

  1. Peach
  2. Green apple
  3. Blue
  4. Kiwi

Frappe menu had:

  1. Mocha frappe 
  2. Mocha mint frappe
  3. Irish coffee
  4. Caramel 
  5. Vanilla 
  6. Cookies and cream 
  7. Hazelnut 

Then the iced tea and normal cold drinks:

  1. Green apple iced tea 
  2. Peach iced tea
  3. Coke
  4. Fanta
  5. Sprite
  6. Water 
  7. Hot tea and coffee

So for the drinks, we went for the apple mint cooler, pina colada and 2 hot teas. The pina cola was good and full of flavor however the apple mint cooler was mostly minty and apple flavor was less. The chai was good too. Would definitely recommend CupShup Johartown for events and family gatherings. Thank you CupShup.

So we hope you will share your experience and tell us how it went? For more on the best in Lahore visit Our Mumara Business School. Also, they also had amazing discounts on QRBuzz which is always a great turn-on.

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