5 ways to increase sales with QRBuzz

by Khunsha Javed

Are you looking to increase your business and get more sales? Here are some eccentric ways to do that without having to worry too much about marketing costs or labour training. We are all in for growing your business, this is why we believe that any business owner should not have to invest in their marketing or promotional activities. It should be naturally and readily available to you in today’s digital age. So here are 5 ways to increase sales with QRBuzz.

Our tools are therefore free for SMEs. We love to see businesses grow from their humble beginnings to huge companies that are stretching every penny invested to bear the sweetest fruit in the shape of maximum profits. This is not a far fetched reality for any business owner that is interested in understanding their market base and then devising strategies to keep the customers hooked on their products. In order to do so; retain and attract customers our guide on the 5 ways to increase sales with QRbuzz will help you a great deal.

Remember two things when getting into this guide: 1. We have made such growth possible for hundreds of businesses. 2. We are not selling anything here, QRBuzz is free for implementation and our main motto is to grow your audience and help you understand some marketing tricks used worldwide to the best of your advantage.

Choosing the right lens

The problem in the world is that nobody will share these tips for you unless someone is a blood relative. People who have successful businesses speak from a place of scarcity. This means that they think if they are telling you hacks, tricks or business secrets then you will be able to give them competition and ultimately take their business. However, in reality, we need to see the world through the lens of an abundance principle. This means that everything you share grows. Hence, we are here with these top creative suggestions that our business colleagues can use to grow their business at their food shop, restaurant, retail outlet or place of service.

Getting into the right market with QRBuzz

There are about 7,800,000,000 people in the world (stats as of 2020). 224,500,406 of these people (roughly 216.6 million people) are in Pakistan. If your business operates in Lahore then your potential market is 11.3 million people. Now not all of these will be your target market. This is because of obvious geographical factors such as the size of the city: 1,772 km². Other reasons are relative difference between disposable incomes (money after taxes and basic expenses), difference in taste and choices and socioeconomic class.

However, give or take the people who are not your target audience you are still left with thousands and thousands of people who are willing and able to buy your product. They need the information, awareness and desire to buy it. In order to activate these thousands of people you need to have strategies in place. Many businesses in Pakistan fail because they are unable to map out the exact market and then not able to capture it.

We are here to change it.

Using QRBuzz to increase sales

In order to increase sales you need to do a series of things.

  • Track and map out your target market (their age, SEC, income, needs and wants)
  • You need to have a system to contact them if needed
  • There has to be a system to send them offers that suits their needs and wants
  • You need to make sure that all sales made are being publicised as social proof
  • There has to be an incentive to return

These are five key elements that will go into your sales planning. The app QRBuzz is designed to do all 5 of these things for the local business owners who may not have a Harvard degree in marketing. We are two steps ahead of any app that you may be using to send out your orders and help customers buy online.

The truth is no one downloads a different app for every restaurant. You need a simple app for discounts, social media and easily ordering or saving offers. QRBuzz allows your customers to do just that and it has additional benefits for you and the other users.

5 ways to use QRBuzz to increase sales

Track and map out your target market (their age, SEC, income, needs and wants):

This means that you should have concrete information on what is the age of the people who are buying from you and who you want to buy from you. Your also need to know what is their socioeconomic class. An important part of mapping out your customers is knowing whether they buy regularly or just a few times. All of this information is tracked through QRBuzz allowing you to relax. You can look at your sales data and understand that what promotional activities will work well for them.

You need to have a system to contact them if needed:

When you are doing something new, you need to update your customers. This is why you need to have a way where they can talk to you directly. This means that they should be your subscribers. The customers are interested in learning about such stuff. So you can simply contact them using QRBuzz when needed and they will come running to you to try it out.

There has to be a system to send them offers that suits their needs and wants:

A business always has amazing promotions in place to make it look like a fun and exciting place where new things happen. You will often notice popular food places introduce new items, like new drinks and desserts. Similarly you will notice new clothing shops to introduce accessories like masks, shoes, bags and even makeup or perfumes. You need to sell to them everything they possibly need. But remember, rather than offering 10,000 items, you need to learn to offer 1 at a time. Focus your energy into it, be creative and track the progress using smart analytics built in QRBuzz.

You need to make sure that all sales made are being publicised as social proof:

Social proof is a marketing term. It simply means proof of sales. If your best customers are posting pictures of your products that is social proof. Customers tagging you on social media or talking about your items in their family and friends then they are creating social proof for your business. This brings more interest and sales into the business.

There has to be an incentive to return:

The incentive to return means being able to give your customers discounts to return to their business. Cakeries often give cake vouchers, where the 6th cake you buy from them is free. But the problem with this is that no one keeps that voucher safe until they reach the 3rd or the 4th the piece of paper is lost. Similarly, Cinnabon, Subway, Masoom’s all have tried these paper vouchers. The right way to do it is by using rewards in QRBuzz. The customers are tempted to return and that makes a world of difference.

So, here were five ways to use QRBuzz for your business to increase sales. We hope that you loved it too! For more information visit the QRBuzz website. Join the Mumara Business School for Free and learn how to get the maximum out of your Marketing.

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