Top 5 restaurants to order from using QR Buzz

by Khunsha Javed

Since we know that cell phones have drastically transformed people. Before individuals need to require additional exertion in sending messages or purchase a camera just to take pictures. From that point forward, cell phones are never discovered by individuals. Everything is easily accessible because of cell phones so the most convenient way of shopping is through cell phones. Today, these functionalities are incorporated into one, rectangular progressive innovation that continues to get more intelligent and more brilliant consistently. Imagine how easy our lives would be with QR codes on our phones giving us free money. Our phones add more value to our lives than we imagine. Here’s how to double on that with the top 5 restaurants to order food in Lahore.

Top 5 restaurants to order food in Lahore

Basically, QRbuzz is an app where you can easily find your favourite fashion brands, stores, restaurants and cafes. You can get amazing offers just by scanning your Qbuzz codes within the app scanner and discovering exclusive deals daily. Not only that, QRbuzz has introduced a new feature where you can share your savings on the app or any social media account and get your QRbuzz points for special offers and prizes and later you can redeem them. If you and your loved ones share a culture of frugality, financial independence and savings; then you should really indulge in sharing the updates with each other like this. You can redeem your buzz points by shopping at selected merchants and consuming the points. 

100 buzz points = 1 Rs. in value. That’s all redeemable, today and in the future. That can also be used to treat your loved ones at any point. Isn’t that amazing!

So I downloaded the app from the Apple App Store, but this can also be downloaded from Playstore if you’re an Android user. I decided to use the app and see how it works on 5 of my favourite restaurants. So here you go:

Top 5 restaurants to order from using QR Buzz

Saku Hana

The first restaurant decided to use was Saku Hana. Due to covid, they were offering car dine in so we did that. The experience was great! We were severed with complimentary drinks, and along with that, the food was really really good. I had ordered their SAKU MAKI and their DRAGON ROLL, both of the dishes were absolutely delicious. The service was great and even the setup looked appealing. My experience went well and I would rate it 9/10, however, the buzz points for this one were not popping up on my app but when I went into the help centre option, that was sorted out.  

Cafe Jade

The second restaurant that I decided to try was Cafe Jade. Due to covid, they were also offering car dine. I went there with my mum and we ordered CHICKEN CORDON BLEU and ALFREDO PASTA. The food was good and my experience with scanning the code was also successful. I would rate my overall experience 8.5/10. My only problem was that there was rush, so this has nothing to do with the app being bad but, if the app had a feature where I can tap on it to get my order before everyone else that would be great. But, yeah I was able to save about 1200 Rs. on my order so that was great!

Karak Khel 

The third place where I tried my QRbuzz app was none other but Karak Khel. I was actually surprised at this one because I personally thought this offer/ discount was only offered by fancy/ big restaurants. Due to covid, they served us in disposable cups and the service was quick and hygienic. And obviously, the chai (tea) was amazing!! Everybody who likes their tea strong, this is the place to be at! The menu is already so affordable and some nights you only need a quick pick me up with the tea and some snacks to go with it.

This is why I totally recommend the place and getting a discount every time you sit there. Whether you are picking the food up or just hanging out in the car, a small discount helps amp up the experience and that something we should add to our routine. Expert financial advisors say that if you keep getting discounts you end up saving a lot. If you go into your app you will be able to track your history. This can show you how much savings you have compounded over time!

Health & Goodness 

The fourth place that i went was health and goodness. I ordered my favourite GINGER LEMONADE. If you want fresh, healthy and clean juices, this is the only place in Lahore. Mint Lemonade and Special Lemonade with soda is highly recommended. They brought the scanning code with the bill and I scanned it with my phone and the discount offer popped up on my screen. I would rate my overall experience at 9/10.

Cafe Kahani

The fifth place that i tried was Cafe Kahani. It was a great experience. Everything was good. The service, tea and the behaviour of staff and owners was great. They are friendly and they know customer service stuff. The only problem there is, the parking issue and especially now that they are serving in cars. But the food was good and we ordered munching snacks, those were also yummy. I would over all rate my experience 7.5/10. The scanning part was just like others they sent the code with the bill and accommodated us.

So if you haven’t gotten your hands on this app as yet, get it now! We hope that you like our guide on the Top 5 restaurants to order from in Pakistan. For more information visit their website. Stay in touch with us here on Mumara to learn how to get the most out of your business and growth factors at the Mumara Business School.

If you want to learn about my experience as I recently started using this app through a friend of mine that was absolutely obsessed with it then you should visit this journey. I read a lot of reviews about it, which basically explain what the app was and how to use it etc. And I finally decided to give it a try.

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