Our QBz experience 2021

by Khunsha Javed

For our graduation dinner, my friends and I decided to go to some cute aesthetic place. We decided to go to this restaurant/Cafe, QB’Z MAISON DE THE, on 45L MM Alam Road, Gulberg, Lahore.

QB’z is not your typical overrated cafe. It is a very decent and reasonable place which has a good sweet family atmosphere which makes it more appealing because let’s face it, these days people have forced it in their heads that cafes are for only youth and that they are not a family place.

However, QB’z turned the tables and broke all these stereotypes. Just sitting there gives me just aesthetic vibes, the atmosphere there is so friendly and gives off such comfortable vibes. I absolutely loved how they decorated their cafe on any special occasion. For example on Valentine’s or mothers day or eid etc. 

The background check

And I have this habit that before going to any cafe or restaurant I like to check its reviews and that can be checked either through insta or Facebook etc. When I opened their insta page I was really impressed because it had a lot of followers. Then further there were so many people and celebrities like HINA KHAWAJA BAYAT and many others who had visited QB’z and given such great reviews about the good service, cooperative staff, delicious food and refreshing environment, etc. Plus checking the reviews or their social media profile can really tell you what to order and what not to order. When I opened their Instagram account I was really impressed by their menu.

The Vastest Menu: Why QBz is the place to be

The menu consisted of starters, soups, salads, poultry, steaks, seafood, pastas, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, desserts and beverages.

For the starters they had:

  1. Paneer tikka
  2. Chicken bites
  3. Spicy balsamic and soy wings
  4. Jalapeno and sriracha wings 
  5. 4 cheese biscuits 
  6. Wasabi prawns
  7. Potato and salmon
  8. QB special bolognese
  9. Sesame and herb chicken strips
  10. Stuffed mushrooms 

The menu had Soups which were:

  1. Fresh mushroom soup
  2. French onion soup
  3. Smoked tomato soup 
  4. Minestrone soup 

Then the salads were:

  1. Avocado and prawn salad
  2. COBB salad
  3. Moorish crunch salad
  4. Tomato and buffalo mozzarella 
  5. Chicken caesar salad 

Then poultry:

  1. Stuffed chicken
  2. Parmesan chicken 
  3. Grilled coconut chicken 
  4. Grilled spicy orange and caper chicken 
  5. Cottage chicken 
  6. Peperonada chicken
  7. Arugula chicken 

Then the steaks:

  1. Grilled beef steak 
  2. American steak with bearnaise
  3. Beef steak with pepper sauce 
  4. Chateaubriand steak 

Then the sea food:

  1. Stuffed fish
  2. Caper butter fish 
  3. Baked fish roulade 
  4. Pink salmon 

Then came my favourite, pastas:

  1. Aioli pasta 
  2. Spicy pesto pasta 
  3. Spaghetti bolognese 
  4. Smoked salmon pasta 
  5. Divine pasta 

Then again my other favorite, pizzas:

  1. Margherita pizza
  2. Pepperoni pizza
  3. QB’z special pizza 
  4. Smoked salmon pizza

Then came the burgers and sandwiches:

  1. Bbq burger 
  2. Grilled beef gouda 
  3. QBz classic burger 
  4. Grilled chicken burger 
  5. Grilled beef burger
  6. Croissant sandwich 
  7. Pg3 it’s complicated sandwich 
  8. In a relatish-onship sandwich
  9. Copacabana sandwich 
  10. Chica-beefa-nini
  11. Iron man sandwich 

Then finally the QB’z desserts:

  1. Tres leches 

This was a three milk cake topped with chocolate ganache.

  1. Tiramisu 

This is a classic dessert of a coffee combined with ladyfingers whipped cream

  1. Kiss and tell

This is a lotus caramel and cheesecake with meringue shells and softer fruity surprise

  1. Lotus cookie

This is a lotus sponge served with ice cream and lotus sauce 

  1. Fondue au chocolate 

Chocolate sauce served with different fruits and smores

  1. Banoffee pie

Cookie crust with custard filling topped with whipped cream and candied bananas 

  1. Boule de fonte

The melting ball is a chocolate sphere filled with brownie walnut candy ice cream and drizzled with warm chocolate sauce.

From the menu we went with parmesan chicken, pepperoni pizza and chika-beef-nini sandwich. The pizza was just like cosa nostras pizza so 10/10 for that. The chika-beef-nini was something new. It was different but a good panini over all 8/10 for that and the parmesan chicken sauce was a bit too sweet so 6/10 for that.

The beverages menu at QB’z had a lot of options starting from mojitos:

  1. Mint and lemon
  2. Kiwi 
  3. Ginger and peach 

Then it had chillers:

  1. Kiwi 
  2. Peach
  3. Orange
  4. Pomegranate 
  5. Lime
  6. Raspberry 
  7. Strawberry 

Then the frappe:

  1. Vanilla 
  2. Mocha
  3. Chocolate 
  4. Strawberry 
  5. Hazelnut 

Then the mocktails:

  1. Mint margarita 
  2. Pina colada 
  3. Peach margarita 
  4. Grape  margarita
  5. Lemon  margarita
  6. Pineapple  margarita

Then comes the smoothies:

  1. Mango smoothie 
  2. Peach smoothie
  3. Raspberry smoothie
  4. Blueberry smoothie
  5. Apple smoothie

Then the iced teas:

  1. Lemon 
  2. Peach
  3. Chocolate orange
  4. Mango 

Then the soft drinks and water:

  1. Coke
  2. Diet coke
  3. Sprite 
  4. Diet sprite 
  5. Fanta 
  6. Fresh lime
  7. Club soda
  8. Mineral water small and large
  9. Perrier water small and large

Then came the hot beverages that had coffees and hot chocolates.

For the desserts, we went for lotus cookies and we all just shared that. It was good and reasonable compared to other dessert places that sell anything with lotus in front of it for loads.

For the drinks, we went with the mint pina colada, strawberry chiller and a diet coke. My overall experience here was good. I had fun, the food was good and most importantly the staff was so sweet, respectful and cooperative. 9/10. Must try it!

The whole experience here is 9/10. Give it a try and trust me you won’t regret it! It is absolutely reasonable and worth your money. For more on the best updates in Lahore visit Mumara School. For discounts on your meals, visit Qrbuzz.com.

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