Babu’s Cafe Lahore: Honest Review

by Khunsha Javed

As you know that these past two or three days the weather has been nice and bearable, so all of us finally decided to go out to get something to eat. We were just searching for good fast food places in Lahore and many places were shown, however when Babu’s Cafe popped up, it somehow gained my interest. 

Before going to any cafe or restaurant I like to check its reviews and that can be checked either through insta or Facebook etc. By this time you know the drill. When I opened their insta page I was really impressed because it had a lot of followers. Then further there were so many people who had visited Babu’s Cafe and given such great reviews about the good service, cooperative staff, delicious food, and refreshing environment etc. Plus checking the reviews or their social media profile can really tell you what to order and what not to order. When I opened their Instagram account I was really impressed by their menu. 

The menu consisted of snacks, fries, burgers, pizzas, and drinks. The menu was not that vast but it was detailed and it looked really tempting plus the good reviews made us excited and we were actually looking forward to trying it out. So all three of us, my friends and I, went to Babu’s Cafe. Babu’s Cafe is located in Westwood Colony in Lahore. It felt like ages since we actually went and sat inside a cafe/restaurant and ate, due to all these lockdowns, etc. They had their sitting arrangement indoors where they had a cute setup. The setup was vibrant and colorful, cute and creative. 

Babu’s Cafe Lahore: Atmosphere

I’m sure we all are aware of the hot weather in Lahore these days and because of that most cafes and restaurants are not well air-conditioned, it gets humid, sweaty, hence smelly, which further leads to an unpleasant atmosphere and that leads to not wanting to eat any longer. However, I was highly impressed with the cooling system at Babu’s Cafe. it was chilled and fresh, they had automatic air fresheners and the whole place smelt like a mixture of lavender and rose, which was very pleasing. The seats were comfortable and the tables were clean. So for the overall setup, I would rate it a 9/10.

Then comes in the food and the service. They have a splendid menu which consisted of the snacks:

  1. Zinger shawarma 
  2. Chicken hot shots
  3. Kabab paratha roll
  4. Zinger paratha roll
  5. Hot wings (5pcs)
  6. Nuggets (10pcs)
  7. Special pan platter
  8. Hot wings (10 pcs)
  9. Honey wings(5 pcs)
  10. Chicken piece 

Then came the pizza menu:

  1. Veggie pizza
  2. Supreme pizza
  3. Cheese lover pizza
  4. Babu special pizza
  5. Pizza steak pizza
  6. Cheese stuffed crust pizza
  7. Kebab stuffed crust pizza
  8. Peri peri pizza 
  9. Mughlia pizza
  10. Chicken tikka pizza
  11. Fajita pizza
  12. Mexican pizza
  13. Hot n spicy pizza
  14. Achari pizza
  15. Chicken kebab pizza
  16. Pepperoni pizza
  17. Lasagna pizza
  18. Malai boti pizza

(all these pizza flavors come in 3 sizes-small, medium, and large)

Then came the burger menu:

  1. Zinger burger w/ fries
  2. Pizza burger w/ fries
  3. Rango trio w/ fries
  4. Jalapeno burger w/ fries
  5. Double jumbo w/ fries
  6. Double patty cheese burger w/ fries
  7. Chicken patty w/ fries

(all these burgers come with fries)

Then comes the fries menu:

  1. Plain fries (regular/ large)
  2. Cheese fries (regular/ large)
  3. Jalapeno fries (regular/ large)
  4. Masala fries (regular/ large)
  5. Garlic mayo fries (regular/ large)
  6. Special pan ( large)
  7. Creamy fries (regular/ large)

For the food, I went with the Pizza burger deal. It was a burger with 2 grilled chicken patties topped with pizza toppings like cheese, pepperoni, etc. it was super loaded and heavy. I was full halfway through the meal. One of my friends went with cheese fries with extra cheese and the other friends went with mughlia pizza. The food came within the span of 30 mins and it was hot and super fresh. We took some amazing pictures and were given complimentary lemonade drinks. But for the normal drinks, we went with two cokes and a diet coke.

The star treat!

You can imagine how the pizza burger must have looked in the real. It is funny loaded with a bun, a patty, mozzarella cheese slice, then patty, then cheddar cheese slice, then jalapenos and sauces, and then a bun on top, however then the bun on the top is further loaded with cheese, pizza sauce, pepperonis and its baked.

The whole experience here is 9/10. Give it a try and trust me you won’t regret it! It is absolutely reasonable and worth your money. For more on the best updates in Lahore visit Mumara School. For discounts on your meals, visit

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