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What is QR Buzz?

QRbuzz is a mobile application that enables you to scan the QR code at different shops, brands, outlets, eat-outs, and other merchants to avail of unique offers that are not a part of their general running offers.

QRbuzz for the App Users

A unique experience with the QR-based discounts and social sharing
application that gives you a lot in return for nothing.

Customer Benefits:

  • Get instant discounts wherever you go

  • Avail exciting offers and vouchers

  • Stay updated with the latest discounts/offers at your favorite places

  • View live activities at your application wall, happening at your subscribed places

  • Track your activity on your profile

  • Subscribe/unsubscribe to any merchant at any time

  • Share your experience by giving reviews to the merchants

  • Select the frequency notifications yourself

  • Find discounts near you

  • Earn points for your activities and redeem later

  • Find the exact thing you are looking for, save time and effort of endless scrolling

  • Get great products at cheaper rates

  • Build a b profile and gain credibility

  • Start a trend and get noticed

  • 100% privacy control options

We Make Your life Easier

Scan and Avail

Open the app and scan the QR code at your favorite place to get a discount.

Earn Points

On your every activity and scan, you earn points that can be redeemed in the future.

Share Updates & Get Social

Share your updates inside the application and on your other social media profiles to boost the points.

The Activity Wall

See Recent Posts & Updates

Stay updated with what others are doing and the recent discounts going on at your favorite places.

What’s Trending

Be a part of the trend or become a trend-maker, the choice is yours.

Points That Matters

Earn the public points on your posts that are being liked by others.

Hot Offers Near You

Find Where to Go

Explore the application and find where to go today and save money.

Subscribe Remotely

Subscribe to your favorite merchants within the application without actually scanning the QR code.

Notification Frequency

Set the frequency of receiving notifications yourself, e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

Stay Updated all the Time

Subscribe to the Latest Offers

Keep yourself updated with the latest offers and promotions at your favorite brands/places.

Featured Places to Visit at

Search the places featured by QRbuzz for extra benefits.

Search by Category or Brand

Find exactly what you are looking for and drive.

Business Profiles

Merchant Profiles

Surf the merchants’ profiles and go through the reviews by other buzzers.

Give Reviews

Leave the reviews about your buzz experiences and help other buzzers to decide.

In-app Navigation

Already decided where to go? Navigate to the pin location within the application.

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